ART CAPITOL Personalized Denim Planner 2018
Cover Page: Personalized name and profession
Cover: Hard cover denim
Size: 8.5" x 6"
Leaves: 95 (190 Pages)

First & Last name:
Complete Address (House Number, Building and Street Name): *

City/Municipality: *

Barangay: *

Landmark/Special Instructions:

Number: *

To ensure delivery

Here is where you will input your information for your ordered planner. Please make sure that all information provided are correct.

*Rounded edge planners are available to first 100 customers only. Succeeding planners has tip corners.
Name & Profession: *

The character limit for NAME is 25 characters only and for PROFESSION is 15 characters only.
Special characters are allowed except for icons.

(e. g. 2pcs. - Juan Dela Cruz/Architect; Juana Dela Cruz/Nurse; 1pc. - Vinyl Sticker for PROs/Architect)
Thank you {{answer_63808232}}!

NOTE: Please message us on Facebook for order and payment details. 

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